オッターフェストAnnouncement of price revision


Please let us explain the price revision for Dassai.

Recently, transportation cost in Japan is increased and as a result, cost for materials and dry goods are increased accordingly.

We understand that such effect should be absorbed by our effort, such as streamlining or improve of economy of scale, however, the cost increase has been more than what we can manage to adopt.

It is out of the question to cover such cost increase by lowering the quality of ingredient sake-rice or weaker quality standard for production, which would deny our most important things.

Speaking without fear of misunderstanding, we do not believe that the best sake is crafted by moderate quality material or by reasonable standard for production without investing in quality.

That is why we keep pursuing the best Dassai, even a little more delicious, and therefore we are focused on Yamada-Nishiki rice, we have several times more people in production team, and we make use of machines and data as a means.

We would appreciate it if you could understand that we are revising the price in order to make a better Dassai than yesterday. In response to the price revision for abovementioned reasons, it is our obligation to further increase of quality. We promise to put everything in for the better taste Dassai.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Asahishuzo Co., Ltd.

Kazuhiro SAKURAI


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