オッターフェストNotice of Dassai Recall and Apology


To our faithful customers,
It has come to our attention that within Dassai 39 and Dassai 45 being produced in our second brewery, some have different alcohol content.
As a result, we shall realize a product recall for the corresponding products stocked by our importers. Please understand that these products do not cause any health problems and we still did not receive any complaints from consumers at this stage.
After fermentation, the sake contains approximately 17% of alcohol (i.e. genshu). It is then diluted with water to bring it to 16%. But our staff in charge of this process, after adding the water, neglected to blend it. This resulted for these products to be shipped with mixed levels of alcohol content – some 17%, some 12%.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused. In order to make sure for such an event not to happen ever again, we will implement quality control measures stated as follows.

10th of September 2019,
Asahi Shuzo co, Ltd.

1. Products concerned by the recall:
Within products produced and bottled in Asahi Shuzo’s Second Brewery, from the 1st of April to the 31th of August 2019,
Part of: “Dassai 39” 1.8L, 720ml,
Part of: “Dassai 45” 1.8L, 720ml.

We shall recall and substitutes products concerned that have been exported to each export countries through authorized importers.
Please note that products bought in Japan can only be substituted for new products in Japan.

2. Producing site
Asahi Shuzo’s Second Brewery

3. Product shipping territory
Japan and abroad

4. Timeframe of product dispatched from our brewery
From April to August 2019

5. Counter-measures
・Implementing clear system able to double check the alcohol content before and after diluting the sake.
・ Reinforcing management and control of the concerned production team, by batching it with the sake pressing team. This will allow for one manager to be able to give directives and manage both processes altogether.



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