オッターフェストAsahi Shuzo decided on donating to health professionals a portion of sales.


First of all, we would like to express our deepest sympathy for all the victims that contracted the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and hope for their early recovery.

We would also like to sincerely give our thanks to all the people involved in medical care, they truly are fighting on the forefront against this globally-spreading virus. At the same time, we very frustrated that we cannot directly help health professionals although the situation changes every day and newly infected people numbers increase.

We would like to thank them for their efforts, to be of a help, we would like to do something.

It is nothing extraordinary but we would like to contribute by donating.
After the 2011 East-Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster, we have been donating to support education for orphans of the earthquake, as well as for supporting overseas children to have access to schools.
These donations are a fixed percentage of the sales of the “Dassai 23” range. We would like to continue donating but for this year, transfer the donations to medical professionals. We forecast donating about JPY 25 to 30 million (aprx. 250,000US$) based on last year’s sales.

At the end, we will be donating a portion of sales, but this amount would have been given back to our customers in a way as we usually have been dedicated sales profit to our staff training or investing in equipment to improve Dassai’s quality.
Concerning the usual yearly donations to schooling orphans of the earthquake and overseas children, we will have to postpone it for this year.

We are deeply sorry, and hope for your understanding.


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