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In order to enjoy Dassai at its bestFAQ

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you enjoy Dassai as intended.

How to handle Dassai?

For a classic Dassai

Where to store it?

In the fridge.

Up until when?

Within one month from purchase.

After opening?

We suggest to enjoy it within one week (keep chilled).

For Dassai Sparkling

Where to store it?

In the fridge.

Up until when?

Within two weeks from purchase.

After opening?

Please enjoy it within the same day.

How to enjoy Dassai at its best?

Serving temperature?

10 to12℃ / 50 to 54°F

During what occasion?

Year round, with a friend, your partner or even by yourself.

With what kind of glass?

A small wine glass is recommended to enjoy the aroma, and a wide cup is recommended if enjoyed with strong-smelling snacks.

Which pairings?

Dassai pairs well with French and Italian cuisine, and of course Japanese cuisine as well.

Other frequently asked questions

Can we take it overseas?

Wrap the bottle with cushioning material to prevent it from breaking before placing it in your suitcase. Please do not put them in your carryon luggage as they are liquid. Please follow the laws of your country regarding the number of items you can bring on board. Also, we do not recommend that you bring fresh or sparkling alcoholic beverages that require refrigeration.

The bottle cap has blown off by itself.

In order to maintain as much of the freshness, the flavor and aroma as possible, we fill the bottles at a very low temperature (around 2°C) and then pasteurize. As a result of prioritizing the taste, the difference in temperature between bottling and drinking may cause the internal pressure of the bottle to increase and the cap to pop off on rare occasions, compared to a standard sake filling system.
This is due to technical reasons, but it is also related to the fact that the actual volume in the bottle is about 5ml more than the specified volume. There is no problem with the quality, but please be careful when opening the bottle.
Please note that chilling it well will prevent the cap from popping and is necessary to enjoy Dassai at its best.

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