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DASSAI Symphony - Migaki -

Former German Chancellor Merkel has said the following words to artists whose activities have been restricted amid the coronavirus epidemic: "Supporting Art is a top priority. Artists help us in facing various feelings and ideas, (...) to better understand the past and look to the future with completely new eyes."

Like her, I believe that music has the power to create History and pave the future of human society. As a sake producer, we strongly believe that good sake, which can move people, can become an indispensable part of human society just as Art does.

We were approached by the Century Japan Symphony Orchestra to take on an unprecedented project. Dassai Symphony - Migaki - was composed by internationally renowned composer Kaoru WADA and performed by Norichika IIMORI, Chief Conductor of the Century Orchestra of Japan, to complete the piece. The music was then played for a long period of time in the fermenting tanks of Dassai, resulting in the unprecedented sake "Dassai Symphony - Migaki -"

Dassai crafting lives in a world of small differences. How did this music affect the fermenting sake? This is the result of intersecting the fermentation culture of Dassai and Music.

Yamada Nishiki rice - polished down to 21% of the original grain weight.

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