New Sake brewery will be built in NY by Asahi Shuzo

Asahi Shuzo Co., LTD. has decided to build a Sake brewery in New York.
In building the brewery, we will also be creating a partnership with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), which is world's largest culinary university.
Currently all Sake breweries from Japan have built their breweries on the West coast, and they only produce basic "table" Sake.
Asahi Shuzo Co., LTD. will build our brewery on the East coast, and focus on producing the highest quality premium Sake.
Why? To create a bigger and stronger Sake market in the United States.
Sources have recently recognized that, "Sake is growing into a major share of the market", but our belief is that, "Sake is still very limited in the market."
Our goal is to create a middle Sake market that is in between the expensive high quality imported sake and more reasonable basic "table" Sake currently produced in the United States.
In order to expand the Sake market, it is necessary to involve new consumers with new premium quality Sake and while spreading the culture of enjoying the Sake.
This is our new challenge and also a new challenge for the Sake market as a whole.
We are looking forward to meeting you through our new Sake brand in the United States.


Summary Asahi Shuzo Co LTD. has decided to build a Sake brewery in New York by partnering with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
Address 5 St. Andrews Road, Hyde Park NY
Construction site Site area 62,400㎡、Building area 4,877㎡
Timeline Construction to start 2019、Opening in 2020
Purpose We only make high quality premium Sake called "Junmai Dai Ginjo."
We offer brewery tours for visitors at any time.
We will have a tasting room and shop at the brewery.
Product and Capacity The new brand will be different from Japanese DASSAI, but the new brand name will honor DASSAI in a familiar way.
The maximum production capacity of Sake will be 1,500 kl. At first stage, we plan to produce 150 kl.
Architects Jun Mitsui & Associates Architects of Tokyo, Japan and Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects of New Haven, CT are together designing the new Asahi Shuzo brewery building in Hyde Park, New York.
The brewery building consists of a production area where the premium sake will be brewed, and a visitors area for customers to see and learn about Sake, with a store and tasting area.

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