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A sake to brighten your life,
not to drive sales or for you to get drunk

Here at Asahi Shuzo, we craft sake to brighten your life, not to drive sales or for you to get drunk.

We strive to create the highest quality sake for our customers to simply enjoy its taste and flavors, it isn't intended to be a product of mass consumption. Dassai is meant to be a way to a pleasant lifestyle. At same time, we do not want Dassai to be a sake so special, so rare nobody could enjoy it: Dassai should be available for anyone to enjoy.

These days, sake producers and liquor stores tend to focus excessively on quick sales strategies and / or overwhelming marketing campaigns which, in turn, make them lose focus of the customer's authentic need: to enjoy a tasty sake.

It is because we craft a high quality sake that we want to share it with everyone around the world. We strive to keep strong partners to introduce Dassai to every one of you.

Name-BrandOrigin of the name "DASSAI"

“Dassai” literally means "otter festival". This is a word that was used long ago in our region, Yamaguchi Prefecture, as there were many otters frolicking in the nearby rivers.


ProcessMaking process

After the rice is polished and brought into the sakagura, it has lost a great deal of moisture due to the frictional heat of the polishing process, which takes up to 144 hours.


Now, from nowThe story behind Dassai 23

All of our efforts are aimed towards providing our customers with a sense of satisfaction, which is worthy of us polishing a rice of the utmost quality.