I received the following letter from a reader of my Kuramoto Diary.
It stated:


Even "one cup of sake a day” is a “once-in-a-lifetime encounter”.
(n.b. one both are Japanese idioms)

I have several 180ml bottles of Dassai, carefully washed and dried.
When I open a new bottle of Dassai, I put the sake in three small, 180ml empty bottles until they are full and store them in the fridge. This is to prevent the flavor from deteriorating and for me to be able to better enjoy the sake, or at least that's how I feel about it.
The first day I drink from the leftover of the newly opened bottle, and if it's not enough for the day, then I drink from one of the small bottles. Better to change glasses then too, but well, that's when I feel like it.

Basically, I drink "one cup of sake a day" at home and enjoy it one sip at a time, experimenting in pairings such as with cheese or vegetables, depending on the climate and season. This is for me always a new experience, a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience.

Drinking good sake, this is very important, but I think “to drink it well" is important as well. Just as there are a thousand different tastes in food, each of us can figure out a thousand ways to drink or eat.
Who you drink with and what music you listen to while drinking is also very important. The number of people drinking out has decreased dramatically since the coronavirus, so I think it's time to think about how to enjoy drinking at home.


And that's it. That’s for me a veteran, a master’s comment. Indeed, a good sake is important but to wonder "how to drink it well", that’s taking it to a very different level. Life is a waste if you don't really enjoy it.