Happy New Year!

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone for their support last year. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, our sales increased steadily. In June, I also had the privilege to participate in the WEOY Awards in Monaco as Japan’s representative entrepreneur (This year’s representative is Mr. Hoshino of Hoshino Resorts. Go for Japan’s first top of the world!). Besides, our salary increase became a hot topic of discussion which was covered by various media outlets. Thanks to your support, the total number of our employees has surpassed 270.  Excluding the staff involved in packaging, shipping and marketing etc., the number of staff dedicated purely to sake production is 170, a significant increase from 130 at the beginning of the year. (As things go, there has been a rush of marriages and births.)

This year, the number of brewers will increase similarly. We are expecting over 20 fresh graduates to join us in April, and we are confident that it won’t be long before we have over 200 production staff. Our goal is to create sake finer than ever through the pursuit of more effort. In short, we intend to take on the challenge of creating sake over uncharted waters by utilizing a great deal of “time and effort” on an overwhelming foundation of data. (Last fall, a 720ml bottle of DASSAI Beyond the Beyond was sold at Sotheby’s in NY for 8,125 USD.) We will open up a new world of Japanese sake.

As a member of the Japan Water Forum, a non-profit organization, DASSAI will be assisting at the UN 2023 Water Conference in March. We also received an invitation to join the International Peace Foundation. This is a big project that will be held in Japan and Thailand this year, with Nobel laureates (including former President Barack Obama) and the respected Professor Kengo Kuma participating. We are considering what we can do to help as DASSAI. Of course, it is also important for us to support the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra.

Either way, we always strive to fulfill our mission of “What DASSAI Can Do” and “What Only DASSAI Can Do”.

Thank you for your continued support this year.

Let’s toast to the New Year with DASSAI!