Kansai Yamamoto often said: "I want people around the world to have a dream and become energized by taking on the challenge of realizing their dreams", with fashion at its core.

In collaboration with the "Nippon Genki Project", we are launching a "Dassai tasting set, Nippon Genki Project BOX" in limited quantities from July 24.

This will be the third product in collaboration with the designer Kansai Yamamoto, this time for his “Nippon Genki Project 2020 Super Energy!!”


We will be launching three limited designs, made in collaboration with Kengo Kuma (architect), Sakuji Yoshimura (Egyptologist) and Kansai Yamamoto who have shared Dassai same ambition: “Towards a lively Japan, towards a lively World”.


We hope for Dassai to be able to convey this spirit of fun in the face of an uncertain future

Dassai tasting set, Nippon Genki Project BOX

It is a box containing 3 kinds of Dassai to enjoy its different rice polishing ratio, “Dassai 23”, “Dassai 39” and “Dassai 45”. This box makes for a wonderful present, or even as a way for people who never tried Dassai to enjoy it fully.

Launch date July 24, 2020
Quantity Limited quantity
Price Tax inc. 2838JPY
Stores All Mitsukoshi Isetan group stores handling Dassai
Dassai Ginza Store
Dassai Hakata Store
Dassai Main Kura Store
Dassai official webstore https://www.dassaistore.com/