About 35 thousand tons of Yamada-Nishiki rice has been harvested in 2019 throughout the Japan. Due to Covid-19, the demand for this sake rice might greatly be reduced, somewhere around 18 thousand tons. Usually we would ask for support by drinking sake, but this time we would like everyone to support directly the farmers by eating Yamada-Nishiki rice. This 450g bag represents about 1㎡ of rice field, from 15 to 20 rice plants. Please give us a hand in helping out the farmers of Yamada-Nishiki.

How to better enjoy the rice:

If you would use the same amount of water like any other rice, it would become too soft. So we recommend to use a smaller amount of water, or use it like a risotto rice.

We also recommend pouring about 40ml of Dassai, to give the rice some fragrance.