Asahi Shuzo co., ltd. (CEO: Kazuhiro Sakurai, located at Iwakuni city, Yamaguchi) and MOS Food Service co., ltd. (CEO: Eisuke Nakamura, located at Shinagawa, Tokyo) have jointly decided on a tie-up with their respective brands “Dassai” and “MOS BURGER”. It is MOS BURGER’s first time to tie up with a sake producer.

It is planned out to be a limited tie-up, from December 26th to early February of 2021, throughout all Japan’s MOS BURGER outlets. Through a limited release, MOS BURGER will launch a new drink based on their usual “Vanilla Shake”: customers would have access to drink made with “Dassai Amazake1”, a product made with koji by Asahi Shuzo co., ltd.

1 No alcohol is contained in the product: It is made with Koji rice Amazake.

“Dassai Amazake” used in this tie-up is an Amazake made with“non-standard grade2”Yamada-Nishiki3 rice, polished down to 50% of the original grain size which makes it smoothly sweet. “Dassai Shake” is made by mixing MOS original drink “MOS Vanilla Shake” and non-alcohol “Dassai Amazake”. We believe for this product to be unique and surprising, as it allows for a combination quite peculiar never seen; the worlds of Japanese sake and hamburgers. Please enjoy the uniqueness of this product, born from a Japan-born hamburger company, which has a long history of respecting Japanese food culture and ingredients.

※2 “non-standard rice” means rice that does not meet the qualitative criteria to make a premium Junmai-Daiginjo sake such as Dassai.

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※3 Type of sake rice. It is characterized by its heavy weight, high “shinpaku” (high concentration of starch in the center of the grain), and low percentage of protein and fat content.

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  • “Dassai Shake”(S size 334 JPY + taxes, M size 399JPY + taxes)

This is a premium, fragrant drink based on an original sauce made by combining “MOS Vanilla Shake” and “Dassai Amazake”. This drink shows the smooth aromas of Dassai’s Yamada-Nishiki rice, as well as the subtle sweetness of Koji. It was developed so as the more you sip the shake, the more flavor of “Dassai Amazake” deepens and richer the aroma gets. Behind, as there is no alcohol contained, we hope for our young customers to enjoy it as well. 4 We would like to recommend this shake for occasions such as celebrating the upcoming New Year.

 ※4 No alcohol is contained, but please note that it is made to taste like alcohol is contained.

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