At Asahi Shuzo, we are about to launch an experimental Dassai 45, unpasteurized and Flash Frozen, using Technican's "Tomin" (i.e. “frozen sleep”) technology, which will allow us to provide our customers with the fresh taste of Dassai, for a longer period of time.
It will be sold exclusively at Technican's newly opened “TŌMIN FROZEN” shop from Friday 5 February 2021.

Sake is susceptible to changes in quality due to light and temperature, and we recommend everyone to drink it immediately after purchase in order to better enjoy its fresh taste, especially the unpasteurized type known as “namazake”.

For this launch, we have used our seasonal “Dassai 45 unpasteurized” to freeze at -30°C using Technican's liquid freezing technology, which ensures that Dassai’s flavor profile remains intact for a long time.

This allows us to deliver fresh, truly delicious Dassai sake without time or distance restrictions, and we see great potential in this if the conditions for distribution can be met. We have decided to sell this product on an experimental basis, with the opening of TŌMIN FROZEN, a shop specializing in frozen foods that are only frozen using the “Tomin” method.

Features of "Dassai 45 unpasteurized – Flash frozen”

The quick-freezing technique allows you to enjoy the taste of a seasonal, unpasteurized Dassai 45, at any time of the year. We hope for everyone to enjoy the refreshing taste of freshly squeezed sake and the rich flavor that only fresh sake can offer.
- Content: 720ml
- Store: Sold exclusively in the TŌMIN FROZEN frozen food shop

About the liquid freezing technology "Tomin” (“Frozen Sleep”)

Liquid freezing is a method of freezing packed food in liquid (alcohol) at -30°C. It is a freezing system developed by Mr. Yamada, the representative of Technican co, ltd.
While normal freezers use "cold air" for freezing, the “Tomin” technology uses "cold liquid" for freezing as liquid has a much higher thermal conductivity than cold air.
For more information, please visit Technican’s website
or visit their Youtube channel