・We will be recruiting students graduating in 2021 (including postgraduates of 2020) who do not have a job offer as of March 2021

・The selection process is the same as for regular applicants

・The students recruited will be expected to join the company on 1 June 2021

・Benefits will be the same as if you joined us on 1 April 2021

Background to the recruitment process

Asahi Shuzo has been increasing its exports (129% year-on-year in 2020, 184% if you exclude the drop due to the coronavirus in February-April), and we are looking to increase our staff to pursue an even higher quality as well as quantity.

The expansion of our workforce will allow us to have more time in our production schedule, making it easier for us to make sake at the right time and to take on production challenges such as experimental sake crafting.

and at the same time,

Due to the coronavirus, some students are unable to find work due to the unusual nature of job hunting and the recruitment environment. Asahi Shuzo believes that this increase in the number of job-hunters will reduce the vitality of society in the long term.

As a company, we believe that we need to do what we can to support these students, which is why we are hiring in June. We hope that by recruiting people this way, to the extent that we can, we will be able to make a small contribution to society and at the same time improve the quality of our products even further.


・Recruiting sake crafting staff only.

・There will be no vacancies in the sales department or any other department.

・We plan to recruit around 10 people.

※Position limited to candidates who are fluent in Japanese.


1. Document screening (submit a resume, letter of motivation, graduation certificate, and transcript)

2. Internship at Asahi Shuzo (about 5 days)

3. Interview and executive interview during the internship

4. Submission of a report (about 1 sheet of A4 paper)


Submit an entry through "Asahi Shuzo" MyNavi2022

・We will inform you of the deadline and other details from the Mynavi message.