In order to promote the high quality of Yamada Nishiki of each region, we will be launching a Dassai sake 100% made from Yamada Nishiki rice grown in specific prefectures.

Starting with a release on April 8, a Dassai sake made with Yamada Nishiki grown in Fukuoka Prefecture, we will then develop sake made with Yamada Nishiki from about four or five prefectures, in sequence.

It will only be available at Dassai's retailers in those prefectures.

It won't be available for export.

Product description

"Dassai 45 - Yamada Nishiki from Fukuoka" made with 100% rice grown in Fukuoka prefecture

Rice polishing ratio: 45%

About the "Yamada Nishiki Project"

Asahi Shuzo is actively involved in improving the overall quality of Yamada Nishiki rice and supporting its producers through its "Yamada Nishiki Project".

The person holding the certificate is Shoji Kitajima, Grand Prix winner of the "Yamada Nishiki Project 2020".