The event "Dassai Complementary Plan" currently being held at the Dassai Store Ginza.

We would like to announce products that visitors can enjoy even more.

Dassai bottles that appear in EVANGELION:1.0 is different from the bottle that currently on market. However, we are pleased to announce that we are reprinting 300 bottles of the Dassai bottle.

It will be sold at Dassai Store Ginza and EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01, in Ikebukuro, Tokyo


Product: Dassai 39 Centrifuge (The bottle appeared in the scene)

Size: 720㎖ with a box

Release date: July 3, 2021


Dassai Store Ginza


About purchasing at Dassai Store Ginza

・ It will be sold as a set of 2 bottles of regular Dassai 39 Centrifuge and Dassai 39 Centrifuge (The bottle appears in the Evangelion scene)  

・Only available for visitors who have administration tickets for Misato's room. (Maximum 3 people per 1 ticket)

・Limited purchase 1 set per person