The assassination of former prime minister Mr. Shinzo Abe shocked not only Japan, but also the world in the last few weeks, however time has passed and with it various happenings as well. This time, I will write about my participation in the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year (WEOY) held in Monaco, which I was supposed pen before the incident.

It was a truly special experience. The term “entrepreneur” usually refers to the founder of a company, but it takes more than simply starting a business to be selected to attend WEOY. These are people who devote their entrepreneurial lives with the urge “driving them from the depths of their hearts, to bring change to their companies and society at large”.

Such entrepreneurs Africa, Europe, North and South America, Asia and all across the world gathered here to select the representative for 2022. Whilst strolling through the streets of Monaco, I met many representatives from various countries. Besides, the flags of each country's representative were decorated here and there around the city. (I saw mine fluttering as I went up the route from Casino de Monaco) This experience was inexpressible in words.

Unfortunately, I did not win the world championship but I gained a lot of experience and learned much from participating in WEOY 2022. (By the way, the world champion was Mr. Gaston from Argentina, who leads 4,000 employees mainly in the United States. The purpose of his business is to pave the way for Internet advertising, primarily through educating customers in developing countries).

When I was selected as Japan’s representative, I merely thought I was recognized because “Dassai created the market for Junmai Daiginjo from scratch in Japan, while its corporate activities contributed to the development of rice farmers and sustainability of the society at the same time.” However, as I deepened my thoughts from the election of the Japanese representative last year up to this point, I reached the concept of “labor”. Labor is not in vain; it is extremely vital for a society where science has developed in the future.

I came to the realization that it is my important lifelong work to further promote this concept of “labor” and give back to society through the true value of Dassai’s quality. It was a week in June that I had such an experience.