As I wrote earlier, I went to Monaco in June. The WEOY office arranged for me to stay at the Hotel Hermitage, which is Monaco's most prestigious hotel. Plus, I got to stay in a suite! This was the element of the incident.

The words on the toiletries were so small that I couldn’t tell what was what. Therefore, I made a number of classical mistakes, such as washing my body with shampoo and washing my head with shower gel. However, the ultimate one was this. The suite room that caused the poltergeist incident.

Since it was a suite, there was not only a bedroom, but also a bathroom, a toilet, and a closet lined up along the corridor. Of course, all of them had doors.

The incident happened on the third day. I was sound asleep after having taken a sleeping pill, when I heard a "bang bang" and felt a slight quiver. I opened my eyes, thinking it was an earthquake. However, nothing happened though I kept my eyes open for a while, so I drifted back to sleep.

After a short while, it happened again.

This time, several thoughts popped up in my head. "Hotel Hermitage has a long history, so there must be a ghost, or poltergeist," "Come to think of it, Mr. S said he had met one at the Imperial Hotel before it was rebuilt." Half asleep partly due to the effects of sleeping pills, I went back to sleep.

The next morning, my wife who had slept in a bed next to mine, told me all about the incident. In the middle of the night, my wife opened our bedroom door by mistake and went out to go to the bathroom. Of course, she didn’t have the key, so there was no way to get back in. Thus, my distressed wife banged loudly on the door. However, the brute of a husband did not wake up under the influence of sleeping pills. This was the cause of the "bang bang" in the middle of the night.

She had no choice but to wander through that huge and intricate hotel in search for help. Somehow she managed to get to the front desk and in her poor English, told a clerk our room number and had him open the door. I assumed the clerk must have been surprised. A woman in pajamas appearing in the middle of the night, desperately trying to convey something in English, which must have been difficult to understand. More importantly, I was impressed by how she managed to reach the front desk, passing through the intricate corridors of the hotel.

What kind of husband sleeps on without waking up to his wife's crisis! This poltergeist incident will surely remain in the history of Asahi Shuzo. I'm glad I didn't get any requests for divorce from my wife.


As you might probably know, “LIKE SHOOTING STARS IN THE TWILIGHT” is a hit manga by Mr. Kenshi Hirokane. The “Sake Rice - The First Star To Appear In The Evening" edition, featuring a sake rice farmer as the main character, is now available as “LIKE SHOOTING STARS IN THE TWILIGHT Volume 67” from Shogakukan, which is a well-known Japanese publisher. I won't go into details because it would spoil the story, but the main character is sake rice farmer. The sorrows and joys of their twists and turns in life and their dreams are depicted. Of course, you can also expect some exciting scenes.

One of the scenes is set in a sake brewery, which somehow resembles our brewery. If you chance upon the manga in a bookstore or convenience store, please pick it up and take a look.