On June 8, the Dassai Party was held for a second time in Monaco.

The party in Monaco was held in conjunction with WEOY (= EY World Entrepreneur Of the Year*) in which Chairman Sakurai participated, and we were pleased to be joined by fellow entrepreneurs representing various countries, as well as people from Monaco and Southern France.

The venue was Restaurant Yoshi, a Japanese restaurant located in the beautiful Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo. It is also the place where Mr. Sakurai and Chef Joel Robuchon, the greatest chef of the century in French cuisine, shared a memorable encounter.

This year’s event coincided with lunchtime, and was a great success.

According to the chef-sommelier, more than 200 glasses were actually used even though only 100 guests were expected! We estimated that there were probably close to 200 attendees. (There was a line outside during the peak hours.) Some guests traveled from Cannes in the south of France.

We could feel that everyone was having a good time over the delicious food and sake. We would like to express our thanks to Chef Yamazaki of Restaurant Yoshi, Chef Sommelier Frederic, and all the staff for taking time out of their busy schedules to make this event a success.

We are very happy to have been able to share with our guests from all over the world the delicious taste of DASSAI sake, which is made with the “effort” of aiming for “a little more delicious than before”.

Thank you to all the guests who participated in the Dassai Party.


*The EY World Entrepreneur Of the Year is an international award program sponsored by Ernst & Young that recognizes the efforts and achievements of entrepreneurs who demonstrate vision and leadership and challenge new business areas. Each year, a representative from each country is to compete for the world title in Monaco.

Mr. Hiroshi Sakurai was selected to represent Japan in 2021.


Incidentally, the Japan representative for 2022 was Mr. Yoshiharu Hoshino, President of Hoshino Resorts.

Congratulations, Mr. Hoshino!