Since it ends on December 14th, I would like to announce it now. Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan Taiwan Cultural Center (East), On the 2nd floor of Toranomon Building, 1-1-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Kyoto), there will be an exhibition titled ``The strong bond between Taiwan and Japan that no one has ever painted!! Qiu Gui''An exhibition of oil paintings is being held. When I went there with the person who was telling me about it, I went through the reception desk and got to the nearest place. In front of the first corner is a picture of former President Lee Teng-hui and former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe playing Go in heaven.

In the picture, behind Prime Minister Abe is a cup of mountain tea (Kouzancha), a famous specialty of Taiwan. On the bottom, behind former President Lee Teng-hui, there is a depiction of `` Dassai Migaki Beyond '', as a famous Japanese sake.

I was impressed.

By the way, it was actually President Lee Teng-hui who took notice of Dassai and spread it in various places. On New Year's Day 2000, we delivered Dassai 23 to the New Year's party.
As a result of that connection, Dassai was introduced in many places after that.

The reason behind the bottle is wrapped vinyl around the Dassai 23 bottle is that at one party where he grabbed Dassai bottle out of ice water and tried to pour them into glasses,
the ice water had peeled off the label. When the president saw this, he said, ``Water will remove the label, so why not wrap a plastic wrap around the label?''

Well, anyway, unfortunately I never had the chance to meet him in person, but President Lee Teng-hui showed a fondness for Dassai. About 5 to 6 years ago, when Governor Muraoka of Yamaguchi Prefecture visited Taiwan with local companies, presenting Dassai to President Tsai Ing-wen resulted in great excitement. She was familiar with Dassai and, I heard, the participants from Yamaguchi Prefecture were pleasantly surprised. Considering the relationship between President Lee Teng-hui and President Tsai Ing-wen, it seemed like a natural outcome.Reflecting on the post-visit stories from those who returned to Japan, I recalled how much we were indebted to President Lee Teng-hui.

The artwork depicting former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe playing Go in heaven with President Lee Teng-hui, undoubtedly associating Dassai with their names, is a masterpiece. If you have the time, I recommend checking it out.