Nankobai, which is a premium plum, harvested in Ehime, Wakayama, Nara, and Gunma prefecture have arrived at the brewery in Yamaguchi prefecture, and the preparation of making DASSAI Umeshu has begun.

It begins around June every year. This year, all the brewers worked together to remove the heft from a record 6,600 kg of plums over several days,

While the aroma of sweet plums permeated in the brewery, we were using bamboo grippers to carefully remove the hefts, checking each one for damage or stains. This works required great concentration.

Not to become overripe, moreover, the plums must be processed at once in a refrigerator at -5℃.

It is truly human wave tactics!

Many of you may look forward to drinking DASSAI Umeshu every year.

Although the preparation of making this year's DASSAI Umeshu has only just begun, we are looking forward to the day when we can deliver, to each and every one of you, the fragrant DASSAI Umeshu with the concentrated umami and sweetness of plums!