There is a cake shop called Lady M, which has around 70 stores centered around its headquarters in New York, spread across the East Coast, West Coast, and Asia. Lady M is famous for its Mille-Feuille cakes. Currently, their top recommended cake is the Dassai Blue Mille Crepes.

According to Lady M's website, “The sake cake you've been waiting for—Dassai Blue Mille Crêpes, where French finesse meets Japanese elegance.” They also describe it as “Layers of delicate crêpes and sake-soaked vanilla sponge cake are paired with a velvety sake kasu pastry cream. Topped with a white chocolate sake kasu glaze, powdered sugar, and shimmering gold leaf, this creation showcases the luxurious essence of Dassai Blue 23.” sake.As you may have guessed, this cake is made with sake and sake lees from the Dassai Blue Sake Brewery in New York.

Furthermore, the website states, “A Match Made in Heaven. Dassai Blue, like Lady M, aims to brighten people's lives with their meticulously crafted products. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their pursuit of crafting top-tier sake, allowing customers to savor its exquisite taste and flavors.”

Having tasted the cake myself, my impression is simply, “It's delicious!!” I had a bias that American cakes were just overly sweet, but “it's not too sweet at all!!” and “it's delicate!!”

I remember when I once met with someone from Lady M and, out of ignorance, stated, “American cakes are sweet, aren't they?” They confidently replied, “Cakes made with bad ingredients are sweet to cover that up. Our cakes are not overly sweet, and they are loved all across America.”

How about trying this Dassai Blue Mille Crepes, which Lady M proudly offers? It costs $135 for a 9-inch cake (considering the high cost of living in America, please forgive what may seem like an extravagant price from a Japanese perspective). However, upon researching, I found that Lady M has stores not only in America but also in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Taiwan, yet none in Japan regrettably My apologies to everyone in Japan.