Asahi Shuzo, home to sake brand DASSAI (Headquarters: Yamaguchi Prefecture, CEO: Kazuhiro SAKURAI) held its forth “Yamada Nishiki Projet” award ceremony.

The Grand Prix of 2022 goes to Mizuho Yamada Agriculture Corporation from Kumamoto Prefecture.

Grand Prix Prize of 30 Million JPY (230,000 USD)

Mizuho Yamada Agriculture Corporation from Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture      

 “I did not expect to win so I am surprised. I would like to share this result and my happiness with my family, everyone in my corporation, and celebrate ourselves!”

When the Grand Prix was announced, a single word of joy "Yes!” from Mr. Yosuke NAKANISHI who took the stage as the representative, echoed through the hall.

He commented that this was his seventh year producing Yamada Nishiki and that he would definitely participate in the project again. We look forward to seeing what wonderful Yamada Nishiki they will produce next year as well.

Semi-Grand Prix Prize of 10 Million JPY (77,000 USD)

Shimoyagi Farming Union from Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

“I am very surprised to win the Semi-Grand Prix Prize. I did not expect to win. Thank you very much, everyone!”

What we have tried to do to produce good Yamada Nishiki is "to ensure that the rice doesn’t fall over as far as possible and to keep watering the rice".

This is the first time that farmer in Shiga Prefecture has received the award in the past four years. We expect the result of this year’s award may increase attention to Yamada Nishiki farmers in Shiga Prefecture in the future.


What is the Yamada Nishiki project?

A contest will be held in which Yamada Nishiki farmers nationwide who contracted with Asahi Shuzo challenge to produce Yamada Nishiki better than ever. Grand Prix rice presented a prize of 30 million JPY (230,000 USD) for 60 bales of rice, which is about 25 times the market price.

“Yamada Nishiki Project” started in 2019. Wing Amagi Corporation from Fukuoka Prefecture won the Grand Prix in 2020 and Takada Agricultural Products from Okayama Prefecture won in 2021.

This year, we had the highest number of entries ever and there were more than 90 entries from farmers all over Japan.

〇Overview of “Yamada Nishiki Project 2022” 

■DASSAI made from the Grand Prix rice of Yamada Nishiki Project to be sold at Sotheby's auction in New York.

“DASSAI Beyond the Beyond 2022”, made from “the rice from Takada Agricultural Products from Okayama Prefecture”, which was “the Grand Prix rice of Yamada Nishiki Project 2021”, was sold at 8,125 USD (ca. 1.15 million JPY) at the Sotheby’s Auction House in New York. According to the Sotheby’s Auction House, this was the first ever successful listing and bid for Japanese sake at their auction in New York.

〇Sake Listed for the First Time at Auction in New York - Dassai Made with Japan’s Best Yamada Nishiki Sold for 8,125 USD (ca. 1.15 million JPY)