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Dassai 23 Elegantly Tipsy

Crafting low-alcohol sake has been a challenge for DASSAI for 20 years, and we have tried many times, only to bounce back against a high wall. Adjustment by adding water does not produce a satisfactory taste and aroma.

By controlling the temperature and the timing of adding water more delicately than in "DASSAI Beyond" in the early stages of fermentation, we have achieved a sake with an alcohol content that does not reach 12 % even at the final stage.

After pressing, the sake is bottled without adding any water.

Even with low alcohol content of only 11%, DASSAI 23 Elegantly Tipsy fully embodies the dignified fragrance of Junmai Daiginjo. Indulge in mild tipsiness with elegance.

Yamada Nishiki rice - polished down to 23% of the original grain weight.

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