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DASSAI Elegantly Tipsy

There has always been something I think about when I drink sake, and not just when drinking Dassai, I think: "this is a good sake, but can't the alcohol content be a little lower?"

Dassai sake is usually bottled at around 16% alcohol by volume, keeping an eye on the balance of the sake's flavor profile. However, most people also want to take their time when drinking good sake. Well, we could simply add water before bottling, but that would inevitably result in a watery taste and the aromas would not be satisfying.

This is why "a slightly lower alcohol Dassai" has been a theme for us for the last 20 years. Mr. Nishida, the current head of the production department, tried many times with me soon after he joined the company. However, we were not able to produce anything satisfactory.

However, the crafting team led by the crafting manager Mr. Nagao has found a way. The solution was to control the initial fermenting temperature more delicately, as well as being more careful when adding water. Actually being more delicate than the fermenting of Dassai Beyond, and ferment for a period of about 35 days. The alcohol content does not exceed 12% at the end of fermentation. Therefore, after pressing, the sake is bottled without adding any water.

Hiroshi SAKURAI - Chairman at Asahi Shuzo


Yamada Nishiki rice - polished down to 21% of the original grain weight.

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